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Navitar produces projection lenses that overcome the limitations of standard LCD & DLP projectors. Navitar lenses give you flexibility in projector placement, beyond the factory supplied lenses while maintaining the quality of the image.

Navitar lenses come in two types: NuView Replacement and ScreenStar Conversion Lenses. NuView Replacement lenses replace the factory-supplied lens while ScreenStar lenses are placed in front of the factory lens. Navitar works with projector manufacturers to assure the integrator that opening and replacing the factory lens with the NuView Replacement Lenses does not void the projector warranty. ScreenStar lenses allow you to adjust the default range of the projector without opening up the projector. Mounting solutions for ScreenStar lenses are available from Starin.

Starin is proud to be Navitar's Stocking US distributor allowing dealers to purchase from Starin at direct-dealer pricing. While there are hundreds of lenses available, Starin makes efforts to stock popular lenses. Built-on-order lenses can typically be delivered in 10 days.
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